Top 6 Backcountry Recipes with Maple Syrup

March 6, 2018

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Maple syrup can be use in much more recipes than only pancakes. High in simple sugars, it is a quick source of energy for all your outdoor adventures. Since March is the prime season for maple syrup production, I thought I would share my favorite ways to enjoy maple syrup on the trail.

Get the real thing

First of all, you will need real maple syrup. Not the fake brown sweet thing that is made of white sugar or corn syrup. No, if we talk maple syrup, we need the real thing that is only made of maple syrup! If you are in the US, you can purchase real maple maple syrup on If you are in Canada, then just go to the grocery store!

Top 3 backcountry breakfast ideas with maple syrup:

Top 3 outdoor snacks with maple syrup:

Sweet teeth, enjoy!

By Gen Masson, MSc, RD, CD

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