5 tips for the perfect foodie Valentine’s Day in the Backcountry

February 5, 2018

This year for Valentine’s Day, why not doing something different? Your partner or spouse prefers the quietness of nature to the crowded environment of restaurants? And thinks there is nothing like spending time together hiking, snowshoeing or skiing? Instead of going to a restaurant with your lover (and some many other couples!), why not packing lovely food and enjoy it in the outdoors? Check out these five pieces of advice for a successful outdoor Valentine’s Day.

What does your lover prefer to eat?

Bring their favorite food. Simple, right? Get recipe ideas for the outdoors here.

Plan according to the weather.

Eating under the heavy rain is not romantic. Same thing when it is 30 degrees below zero. Maybe go on your trip another day? Rent a cabin or postpone Valentine’s Day in June (Brazil celebrates the equivalent of Valentine’s Day on June 12, so you could just pretend you are in Brazil!)

Think presentation.

Even the most basic PB+J will look like a special meal if wrapped and packed with unique attention! It’s Valentine’s Day; it is THE day when you can’t be too corny! Draw hearts, write a love letter or shape the sandwich in heart!

Bring hot drinks.

It is winter, time to cuddle and drink hot drinks! Hot chocolate, warm spiced cider and mulled wine (drink responsibly please!) will warm up the hearts! Check out this blog post for other hot drinks ideas.

Pack Chocolate

Chocolate makes every trip better. Period.

Happy Valentine’s Day y’all!

Gen Masson, MSc, RD, CD

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