Top 10 Hot Drinks to Fuel Your Winter Adventures

December 4, 2017

There is nothing more satisfying on a winter adventure than sipping on a hot drink while looking at an amazing snow-covered view. What about making this moment even more satisfying by bringing tasteful drinks on your adventures. Check these 10 delicious hot drinks ideas!

For sweet tooths

Sweetened creamy earl grey tea

Pick your favorite Earl Grey tea, add it with hot water in a thermos. Then, for extra energy out there, add milk (or cream -yum!) and sugar.

Spiced Apple Cider

Take your favorite real apple cider (I recommend the non-alcoholic ones for safety!) and warm it up in a pot or in the microwave with a cinnamon stick. Pour into your thermos.

Hot Chocolate

If you haven’t tried my deluxe homemade hot chocolate recipe, this is the time to do it! Try adding orange peel, vanilla extract or cinnamon for extra flavor.

Various Leaf Teas

There are different companies out there offering good tea mixes. Personally, I like David’s tea. Try different teas until you find your favorite ones.

Honey hot water and lemon

Bring water to boil, pour in your thermos, add a slice of lemon and a (big!) splash of honey. Damm easy and so delicious!

Vanilla Vegan Chai Tea

Prepare your favorite chai tea at home with half water and half vanilla soy or almond milk. This way, you’ll get carbohydrates to power up these snowy slopes.

Hot Sports Drink

You think you know what sports drinks taste like? Try them warm, it is a whole new world!

If you prefer savory drinks

Chicken or vegetable broth

Homemade if you have time to make it or commercial if you don’t, broths are rich in electrolytes to help you retain fluids and remain hydrated.

Split Pea Soup

Consistent and filling, split pea soup is rich in carbohydrates and contains protein and fiber to keep you satisfied on long winter adventures. Just make sure it is liquid enough to be able to drink it.

Vegetable Soup

Any vegetable soup would be good, but a homemade one is almost guaranteed to taste better. I prefer the blended ones, for practical reasons. And again, just make sure it is liquid enough.

And Water!

I recommend also carrying a water bottle with you as one thermos is most likely insufficient to meet your hydration needs on a whole day of outdoor exploring.

I must warn you that you’ll probably make your adventurer’s friends jealous when you’ll sip on these delicious hot drinks. If this happens, allow them to taste the hot drinks you brought and then, share my webpage with them!

Gen Masson, MSc, RD, CD

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