Menu for the Hut Visitor

March 13, 2018

Whether the hut visitor is on skis or snowboard, he enjoyed planning his day in the outdoors based on the warm hut locations. Stopping for lunch at one hut is a must-do and part of the fun of the day. Exercise intensity to get to the shelter and back can vary significantly based on the terrain and who hut visitor companions are.

Nutrition Concern #1:

Since getting to the shelter is the goal of this day trip, the hut visitor can decide to delay food or liquid intake until reaching this hut, which can lead to decreased levels of energy and dehydration.

Solution #1:

Even though spending time in the hut is an essential component of the day trip, making sure to eat and drink snacks throughout the day will ensure a consistent level of energy and make the whole day more enjoyable!

Nutrition concern #2:

Stopping in a warm hut can encourage the hut visitor to rest for longer and eat more than if he had stayed outside to eat. Eating a large meal can make the hut visitor too full and make them feel uncomfortable on the way back from the hut.

Solution #2:

Bring a satisfying but easy to digest meal that won’t be too heavy on your way back from the cabin. Packing a warm soup, chili or jambalaya in a small thermos can be nice on the cold days.

Timing Foods Liquids
Morning snack (11:15 am) 2 Apple, Blueberry and Almond Homemade Bars Sip on water throughout the day. Pack at least 1L. If it is warm, consider bringing more.
Lunch in the hut (12:30 am-1:30 pm) White chili in a thermos and an orange
Afternoon snack on the way back to the car or home (3 pm) 1 Macadamia Nuts, Raspberries and White Chocolate Goodness

This menu represents only a generic example and might not meet your specific needs. If you need specific advice for a particular condition or trip, please reach out to me.

If you are planning on spending some time in the hut, why not pack a small card deck? That will add to the fun! Have fun and stay safe out there!

Gen Masson, MSc, RD, CD

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