Menu for the Birdwatcher

January 29, 2018

The birdwatcher prefers to describe his/her day by the number of birds or animals observed rather than the km covered. The breaks are frequent (this is how you spot birds right?), so are the opportunities to eat. The exercise intensity is usually low to moderate and given the relatively easy pace, extra weight in the backpack is not a major issue.

Nutrition Concern:

Given the relatively low exercise intensity, the energy needs are relatively modest. However, preventing hunger and keeping warm are two major concerns for this birdwatcher and will help him/her to enjoy a long day in the outdoors.


Pack hot liquids to keep warm and foods high in protein and fiber to provide good satiety.

Timing Foods Liquids
Morning snack (10:30-11 am) 1 Apple and pecan muffin Sip on a large thermos of hot tea (1 L or 32 oz).
Lunch break (12:30-1pm pm) Vegetable Vermicelli Soup in a thermos with 2 cheese sticks
Afternoon snack (3 pm) ½ cup of a mix of cashews and raisins

A consistent breakfast and a satisfying dinner at home are definitely be needed to complete this menu. Extra snacks on the trail might also be needed.

This menu represents only a generic example and might not meet your specific needs. If you need specific advice for a particular condition or trip, please reach out to me.

Have fun and stay safe out there!

Gen Masson, MSc, RD, CD

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