Shopping for Backpacking Trips at Whole Foods

May 22, 2017

Who said you couldn’t shop for your next backpacking trip at the same store you shop for your groceries? Ok, Whole Foods is not known for low prices… but there are still some interesting deals to make there! Check out these ideas of foods to put in your shopping cart for your next backpacking trip!

Wide variety of dried fruits

We all know that dried fruit are great snacks on the trail, providing carbohydrates to keep your energy level high. They are light and compact, making it easy to carry. However, on long trips, it can be boring to always eat raisins or apricots. On my last trip to Whole Foods, I found dried papaya, cantaloupe and currants in the bulk section. A nice way to add variety to snacks!

Date Coconut rolls

Simply dates rolled in shredded coconut. You could easily do it at home if you have time. If not, these high-carbs bites will make a nice snack on the trails!

And more foods in bulk!

You need a special ingredient for a recipe and don’t want to stay stocked with a bunch of unused ingredient? Why not just buying the quantity needed in the bulk section. This is also convenient if you are on the road for your trip and have nowhere to stock unused food. During my last visit, I found 2 different types of almond meal or flour!

Freeze dried fruits

Freeze dried fruits usually have better vitamin contents than regular dried fruits. They also offer some freshness to meals when you don’t have access to fresh fruits or vegetables. Nice additions to your granolas or oatmeals!

Individual packages of peanut or nut butters

Relatively lightweight and high in energy, nut and peanut butters are nice to have on the trail. They add energy and proteins to your oatmeal or make a nice combination with crackers. These individual pouches are definitely not the most cost-efficient way to buy nut butter neither the most environmentally friendly but they pack well and can be convenient.

Please share the foods you like to buy at Whole Foods for your trips by leaving a comment below!

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