New Homemade All-in-One Energetic Pill for Hiking

March 27, 2019

Revolution in Hiking Food

Cooking food on the trail might be a thing of the past, says Genevieve Masson, founder of Gourmet Hiking and sport dietitian. This recipe for homemade energetic pills contains everything a hiker can hope in capsules. It also reduces the weight of carrying food, fuel and cooking equipment.

Convenience but Taste First

Convenience is definitely a plus in this homemade energetic all-in-one pill recipe. Some might ask “what about taste?”. It is important to remember that Gourmet Hiking has been founded on the importance of taste as well as nutritional sciences principles.

So, what about taste? Well, these pills offer very pleasant aftertaste, assure Genevieve Masson, founder of Gourmet Hiking. “I carefully created this recipe to make sure all the nutrients needed by hikers were found in the capsules, but first, I made sure that the aftertaste was just perfect.”

Are you curious to know what are the ingredients of this homemade energetic all-in-one pill recipe? Well, you might not have access to this recipe after all…

Indeed, look at today’s date! Happy April Fool’s Day y’all!

By Gen Masson, MSc, RD, CD

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