Why Gourmet Hiking?

The mission of Gourmet Hiking is to translate nutrition science into tasty recipes and resources for hikers and backpackers to help them enjoy their favorite activity.

Science to trail as a basis for everything. All recipes, blog posts and other resources available on Gourmet Hiking are based on sports nutrition and exercise physiology scientific findings.

Taste as the main criteria for recipe creation. Nutrient composition of recipes is analyzed but if a recipe doesn’t pass the test of taste buds on the trail, it is not published.

Genevieve (or just Gen!) Masson

Originally from the province of Quebec in Canada, I grew up in a family in which sports was a religion. Racing in cross-country skiing at a national level taught me a lot, especially about perseverance and hard work. Add to the mix a passion for cooking and a strong interest for science, becoming a sports dietitian was just a natural go-to! I am a registered dietitian nutritionist licensed in Canada and USA. Now living in Whistler, BC, Canada, I enjoy hiking, backpacking, rock climbing, biking and obviously, trying recipes in the Northwest outdoors!

Curiosity, passion and hard work define me

Curiosity for new places, meeting new people and trying new recipes! From a trip to an Asian grocery store with exotic produce to a new summit to conquer: everything can be an excuse to discover!

Passion for what I do, for where I come from and for where I am going. Pursuing passions leads to a life without regrets.

Hard work to accomplish what I dream of.